My perfect world...

Hello to all you lovely people and welcome to my page, my name is Toni - Leanne Matthews and here is my (ideal) perfect world.

The use of this space will consist of a variety of subject matters, as a fine art practitioner it will most likely inhabit a fair portion of daily art dose.
I hope to spread my works and one day teach what I love Peace & Love to you all <3

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Good Vibes Only :D

Loving life, one love, peace to all, tranquility, positivity, positive vibes, ALL THINGS GOOD!!! <3 <3 <3

Inspiration can come from anywhere, you see an oppertunity then take it. But be smart don’t be a retard.

Beautiful hotels in sweden this being the nest room. Look it up and GET DOWN ON IT! Peace & Love <3

Absolutely incredible - The wiltering leaf is just SNAP!


Rodarte’s GIF Selections:

Connor Crawford, Voice Of Cyber-Space 1

Chris_Lastufka_Design : creation workshop, Natural Perception

Jason Campbell, How our infrastructure might me better used

Yunfan Tan, Boom

Adam Ferriss, San Simeon

julien regnier, mer de nuage

Join us in Miami next week during Miami Art Week to see these GIFs installed in physical space! 

Source: movingthestill-paddle8

Happy hap haps

So another year later and we have a lovely new edition to the family. Massive congrats to my big bro and his lovely girlfriend… Ahem Fiancee now ;)
My cousin too who’s now married and has moved to America with her husband and now another little edition to the famalam! Such good news couldn’t have come at a better time. So chuffed that this is my last year away from them all! Onwards and upwards though and so much to look forward to in the future.

It’s amazing what can happen in such a short time.

Peace & Love

A few photo’s of the family :) <3





Duke Dastardly


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This guy has skills →


Hello fellow Tumblr’s

I’ve been majorly busy over the past year and so my existance on this site has been next to nothing and I do apologise.
I will be uploading works and works in progress and sharing like ever before, so watch this space.

Peace & Love